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Sedona Meditation Center

Yoga & Meditation  

Regular yoga and meditation classes include meridian opening stretching, dynamic movements, and energy meditation designed to transform your body to circulate and accumulate energy for healthy condition. Each class is for practitioners at all levels so please join us in any one of our classes through out the week.
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Ki-Gong Meditation  

Practitioners and newcomers alike can easily follow along and feel the natural flow of their body’s energy. After releasing stagnant energy, you can restore inner balance, peace, strength and focus. Learn to feel the flow of both divine and earth energies, activated naturally by the use of selected postures and movements for optimal health.
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Ki Gong

Collaborative Healing  

Time and condition are no barriers to our ultimate health and well being. Join residents and visitors to reclaim, amplify and direct your natural healing energy to loved ones in need all over the world.Each week’s gathering offers a distinct way to personally experience healing.
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Collaborative Healing

Private Class  

All the classes offered at Sedona Meditation Center can be done one on one. Private classes has many benefit that you can enjoy much quickly and powerfully than joining a group class. Closer care and attention from experience instructor will help you reach whatever goal you might have!

Drumming, Dance & Sound Healing  

Through Vibration, Sound and Movement we can feel our inner spiritual life-rhythm. That’s what makes our Drumming and Dance classes so potent and complimentary. Why it works? Vibrations help awaken our organs and open our chakras. Even our meridian Yoga is set to intentional sound and music to achieve this same benefit. Vibration Yoga Class is at 6pm Monday.  Click Here to Read More

Drumming, Dance & Sound Healing

Community Outreach  

As a community serving non-profit organization, Sedona Meditation Center offers healthy way of living and positive energy by giving Energy yoga meditation classes at various locations and groups in Sedona community.
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Community Outreach

Special Healing Classes & Workshops  

While Center Members sometimes attend occasional 2-4 day intensives, the general public is invited to experience the many healing benefits of the Wooden Pillow Class. This is an easy way for participants and their family members to release stagnant energy and blocks by massaging the internal organs.

Special Healing Classes & Workshops

Welcome to Meditation Center!

Sedona Meditation Center

The Sedona Meditation Center is a non-profit organization promoting overall health through energy yoga, meditation, ki-gong, and more to Sedona community through providing classes on site and in various community facilities.

We hope to be of service to the community and visitors to Sedona to experience the beauty of Sedona and energy through our practice.

Being a tax-exempt, non-profit organization; the Sedona Meditation Center relies on you for support.

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Class & Events Schedule

Sedona Meditation Center Schedule

Regular 1-hr class is usually offered 2 times/day. Please look at the detailed dates & tiime for special classes and monthly events.

You are always welcomed to call us at 928-282-3600 to find out about our schedule!

Upcoming Workshop

Lecture by Ilchi Lee & 1-on-1 Self Healing Guidance

Date : May 14th (Sat) @1-5pm
Cost : $50

Learn the importance and power of your belly button and the key principles of Belly Button Healing. Get hands-on experience of Belly Button Energy Healing. Receive a one-on-one 5-minute Belly Button self-healing guidance with a trained master

Space is limited! Visit to register now or call 928-282-3600 for more information!

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Hours of Operation
Mon - Fri : 7 AM - 7 PM
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